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Conspirasaurus Rex - Dino-Mite Theories About the Dinosaurs

July 22, 2020

Episode 11 | Conspirasaurus Rex - Dino-Mite Theories About the Dinosaurs

Host: Derek DeWitt

What happened to the dinosaurs? Did a meteor wipe them out? Was it volcanoes? Maybe their eggs just sucked. Or they farted themselves to death. Or they never existed at all. Or maybe they never died. Or maaaybe they helped build the pyramids.


  1. 01:38 - Some Background on Dinosaurs - Richard Owen, Early Fossils and the Bone Wars
  2. 04:28 - What We Think We Know - Two Types of Dinosaurs
  3. 05:43 - Size Matters, Kinda
  4. 06:52 - After a While, Crocodile - the K–Pg Event
  5. 08:26 - Where'd They Go? Eggy Weggs, Glands, Survival of the Fittest, "Who Are You?", Boom (but Far Away), Peek-a-boo, COVID 63 Million BCE, Sausage Party; He Who Smelt It, Dealt It; Multiple Impacts, Volcanoes
  6. 16:35 - We Have a Winnah! The Alvarez Hypothesis
  7. 17:55 - Alt.Extinct Theories - Non-Science Edition: Gravity Sucks, the X-Files 
  8. 21:19 - Dinosaurs Aren't Real  - PETA, CGI & Social Media
  9. 23:09 - The Bible or Dragons
  10. 25:35 - Another Brick in the (Masonic) Wall, Darwin's a Liar
  11. 26:41 - I Don't Even Need a Reason
  12. 27:42 - Oiled & Ready
  13. 28:41 - They Live
  14. 31:16 - The Dinosaurs Built the Pyramids
  • Music by Fanette Ronjat

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