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Conspiracy Thinking in Eastern Europe - Because Reasons 3

September 2, 2020

Episode 14 | Conspiracy Thinking in Eastern Europe - Because Reasons 3

Guest: Mark Baker, Journalist & Travel Writer

The cultural and social impact of conspiracy thinking will differ depending on where it's happening. You have to take into account a country's particular history to gain some understanding as to why people in that place react the way they do to serious theories. The authoritarian past many Eastern Bloc countries suffered through can shed a light on how citizens of those countries react to events, or perceived events.

Journalist and travel writer Mark Baker, who's been writing about this part of Europe for a long time, shares some insights on how citizens of some of these countries react to ideas, and the damage they can cause a civil society. He also shares his personal dislike of the whole conspiracy mindset and how he deals with it all.

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  1. 02:12 - Coronavirus Conspiracies in Bulgaria & Romania - National Mythmaking & the Media
  2. 05:56 - Authoritarian Culture Creates a Conspiracy Breeding Ground
  3. 07:09 - The 1989 Romanian Revolution - Popular Uprising or Palace Coup?
  4. 12:04 - Conspiracy Theories Breed Apathy & Fatalism
  5. 17:07 - Facebook, Russian Troll Farms & a Possible Russian Foundational Myth Born of Conspiracy
  6. 21:45 - No One Wants to Feel Naive
  • Music by Fanette Ronjat

NEXT BECAUSE REASONS: Studies & Signals: Insights into the Conspiracy Mindset


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